When I was your age, we walked to Dulles and we liked it!

At the conclusion of finals, some students’ travails will continue as they schlep their way to Dulles International Airport. If this describes what’s ahead for you, try take heart in the fact that your progeny will have it easier. Via The Loudoun Extra, The Washington Post reported that the Metro Silver Line, which will connect Dulles to D.C., is on its way:

“Federal regulators have approved a long-awaited extension of Metrorail to Tysons Corner and Dulles International Airport, virtually assuring construction of a $5.2 billion project that regional leaders say is crucial to ease congestion and spur economic growth in Northern Virginia.”

Of course, the project won’t see completion for quite some time. In a congratulatory editorial, The Washington Post hopes to see it happen by 2013, which is something like ten years from now in bureaucrat-speak.

What you can enjoy right now is D.C.-area commentators having a ‘here’s-some-perspective-for-you’ gala. In its editorial, Post tells its readers that one of the Silver Line’s greatest proponents, Gov. Tim Kaine, was only four years old when the fight for a train line to Dulles began. DCist recalls that this was before man landed on the moon. And as for us, this paper wasn’t even born yet.

2 Comments on “When I was your age, we walked to Dulles and we liked it!

  1. It’s ridiculous that the debate has gone on this long. IAD needs to have a train service running passengers directly into the city. However, the idea that we can’t explore multi-modes of travel, like express trains and so on is depressing. I wish Metro developers would have been more progressive and thoughtful in their initial planning by allowing parallel tracks so express trains could run. A local train from IAD will take a lot of time to travel acros town.

  2. Maybe this is unfortunate, but I’m just glad we’re getting a rail that’ll connect Dulles to the city. Also, keep in mind that the initial planning began way back in the sixties–long before the glory days of Acela and the like.

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