Date Lab Rat: Catchphrase edition

The answers that this week’s Date Lab daters provided in the Post‘s questionnaire are so typical that they threaten to veer into boring–he likes music, she likes the outdoors, traveling, and community service. That is, except for my new catchphrase of the month. Asked to describe her dating life as a TV show, she says she dated “less-than-deserving guys and learn[ed] to weed and seed.” Weed and seed?! Off we go!

The date starts off slow because there’s no immediate attraction, and she’s annoyed that he keeps trying to figure out why the Post set them up. I’m not sure who’s side I’m on with that debate–on the one hand, they’re already there, so they might as well just get to know each other as if they had met naturally. But on the other hand, they both know they’re on a blind date, so ignoring that and pretending the meeting wasn’t entirely artificial might make it even more awkward.

It’s a moot point, as they both warm up to one another and are now on their way to a third date.

Rating: 4. I really like that this date started off looking like a downer and then snuck in a happy ending at the end. It’s like a romantic comedy, only better, because it’s real life!

Chances of Success: 4. Things are looking good for now, but will the initial lack of attraction come back to haunt them?

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