D.C.’s private school elite talk trash on the court and the internet

In last week’s issue, I came to terms with Barack and Michelle Obama’s decision to enroll their daughters at Tenleytown’s Sidwell Friends school and acknowledged that maybe private school isn’t the hellish bastion of academic and socioeconomic entitlement that I had once thought it to be.

But maybe I spoke too soon. Dave McKenna over at City Desk reports, courtesy of an anonymous Maret School (a Woodley Park private school that, along with Georgetown Day, lost the competition for the Obama girls’ enrollment) parent, that the Sidwell kids taunted the Maret side with “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma” chants during a recent basketball game.

The chant is actually pretty funny, and I definitely wouldn’t call it offensive. But what is offensive are the comments from students at both schools on the City Desk post. A sampling of what D.C.’s supposedly best-educated youngsters have to offer:

May I make a comment about the Maret:
Who gay?
Y’all gay
Who gay?
Y’all gay
Which ones?
All Y’all
Point ‘em out:
You You You You and Especially You

straight up, it must suck to go to maret.
we’re gonna chant SAT scores tomorrow night.

in my opinion, maret should never be allowed to step onto sidwell’s campus, in case they get scared by our obama apparel, fucking republicans.

to the punk talkin bout the dude in the ski goggles, that was me. Come to maret tmrw and see me after the game, back ur words up and say it to my face and see what happens…

And you thought Georgetown/Memphis tomorrow was going to get nasty. The trash talk at tonight’s Sidwell/Maret rematch is sure to rival anything you’ll hear at the Verizon Center, and that doesn’t reflect well on anyone.

Sidwell vs. Maret varsity boys’ basketball tips off tonight at 6 at Maret, 3000 Cathedral Ave NW (Woodley Park Metro on the Red Line.)

2 Comments on “D.C.’s private school elite talk trash on the court and the internet

  1. Hi
    As a Sidwell senior, I would like to comment that many of the comments that were in response to the article do not reflect Sidwell’s community. Many of them were made by a few of the same individuals, and do not reflect the opinions of the majority of the community. I know that many of my peers were shocked and extremely dissapointed by the comments left. On a whole, I have never seen my school react that way, and I feel like much of it comes out on an attack as to what we feel is an unfair media portrayal of Sidwell. Almost every single article has referred to us as an elite pricy school, which, while may be true, does not reflect our main values of quakerism and the hard academic work we do. Again, the Washington Post recently published an article listing many of the “elite” parents that have kids attending Sidwell, many names which surprised me, and I was personally unaware of. We do not look at kids parents to judge them, we judge them by their community presence, and the work they do as individuals.
    The comment left do not reflect Sidwell’s community, and many of us would appreciate if people did not judge us based on a few very very misguided and inappropriate comments.

  2. Hey Sidwell — thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear that those remarks weren’t representative of the whole student body.

    I see Maret won last night’s game 50-41. Were you there and/or care to comment on the atmosphere?

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