AU students get the flossy, flossy

Are you part of the freshman spillover that every year dominates one floor of Village C East? There are some American University students who totally get you. This fall semester, American University faced a housing crisis and as part of their solution, housed 50 to 60 student in the Georgetown Holiday Inn on Wisconsin Avenue.

Had no idea? It’s no wonder. American University delivered these students, who you might have expected to see trekking the two miles to their classes by bike or on foot, from Georgetown to their Mass. Avenue campus by car or by limo nearly every day for the entire semester. But don’t feel too jealous:

“The living condition has been so bad,” says [Shuo] Li, 21. “The study environment-you know, this is a hotel, so we don’t have much room. And the light here in the room is not so good.”

The guys’ room has a circular wooden desk that has barely enough room for a laptop and a book. So they’ve improvised: In another part of the room, they’ve set up an ironing board that holds a lamp and a cup of pens.

Worse yet, friends of the Holiday Inn residents claim their hoity-toity living has made them adverse to the main campus’ “binge-drinking culture”–the horror!

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