Student Affairs Newsletter riles up a Georgetown parent


We all have our qualms about Georgetown, but few of us has ever aired our grievances with such reply-all audacity as Ivan Batishchev did yesterday afternoon.

In response to an email from Todd Olson’s office which announced that the Fall 2008 Student Affairs newsletter (whose homepage is graced by the Todd himself) was now available, Batishchev, who identified himself as a “HOYA parent,” sent an irate reply–to everyone who had received the original mailing.

In it, he bemoaned the University’s lackluster responses to diversity and safety issues and its Noro-horrific experiences at the beginning of the semester.

And nothing, it seems, was out of bounds for Batishchev: “Oh yeah,  remember that poor girl who killed herself? Yeah, a girl killed herself, ” he wrote in reference to the fact that the University did not publicly acknowledge the suicide of a grad student in October until after someone else broke the story first.

That’s not worth $50,000 to Batishchev. The full text of the email is after the jump.

Somehow this newsletter doesn’t mention things I’ve heard about the campus from my child, such as the contamination with the Norovirus, your ineffective measures of preventing further problems (methyl alcohol hand-soap, REALLY? Georgetown administration should go take a basic biology class), rising costs of tuition, diversity issues on campus, frequent crimes and break-ins that are ineffectually dealt-with by the administration through placating  us with e-mails about the incidents when it is far too late.  Oh yeah,  remember that poor girl who killed herself? Yeah, a girl killed herself. Something seems that could be useful information for a parent paying over $50 000 a year to know.

So, Mr. Olson, please do take a good care of our children.
Have a Happy Christmas, and  please, never contact me  again, especially with those annoying requests for donations.

Sincerely, a HOYA parent.

No students are listed in the Georgetown Directory with the last name “Batishchev,” but an Ivan Batischev is listed–perhaps the junior of this rather on-the-money parent. Neither Todd Olson’s office nor Bashtichev responded to requests for comments by the time of this post’s publication, but naturally, we’ll keep you updated.

17 Comments on “Student Affairs Newsletter riles up a Georgetown parent

  1. i’d be the last person to defend the administration, but this lady seemed likes the typical overprotective whiny parent. its just a laundry list of issues without ever saying what her problems are with any of them.

  2. That email is so good! It’s charming to see someone besides student media and anonymous blog commenters dressing down Olson.

    Mr. Hands, I think all of the issues he/she names are self-explanatory things to be against the administration not mentioning. Suicide, higher tuition, a lack of diversity on campus, crimes, norovirus–she/he doesn’t have to say why she doesn’t like them, because no one does. I would like an explanation of the methyl alcohol thing, though.

    “Ivan Batishchev” comes up as a senior on Facebook, and if I’m not mistaken, drew “Occam’s Spork” for the Hoya.

  3. I think it’s pretty safe to say the name “Ivan” is the name of a male…

  4. Of course, I didn’t use the word assume… You inferred that I was assuming. Do you know what a synonym for infer is, or did I just blow your mind?

  5. Fucking ballsy. Props.

    How’d he get the email address of, er, the entire campus? Ivan should’ve added BCC’ing to the list of complaints.

  6. Just heard back from Olson’s assistant, who has–can you guess?–no comment.

  7. He replied all to the listproc address that the university uses to mail out to parents. The listproc address is linked to all of their emails and so an email to it sends to everyone. The university should have bcc’d the recipients but alas that would be less great.

    The methyl alcohol is referring to the fact that the norovirus is only killed by a bleach-based cleaner. A norovirus contaminated surface (or hand) washed with an alcohol-based product, like the bottles of purell given to residents or the ubiquitous dispensers all around campus would do nothing to kill the virus. So that makes the university’s response zero percent effective and one-hundred percent PR.

    I have to agree with Will. The complaints are self-explanatory and I think more people should be fed up with the lack of openness and proper administration among our supposed administrators.

  8. Wait, Purell was totally useless at fighting norovirus? That’s huge.

    I figured that’s how he managed to send the email. Doesn’t that mean anyone could?

  9. My guess is they’ve already changed the listproc address to something else and will be bccing recipients in the future. worth a shot though…

  10. and yeah, completely worthless. correction: it’s only killed by chlorine based cleaners, bleach being one of them.

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  15. Please keep me informed of campus news as well as events and programs for parents. Thank you

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