Is time of death Nov. 18th for George the Third?

Where did she go? Maybe she’ll never tell.

Having put Vox on holiday hiatus, I thought we could start off the year with a hypocritical bang: after all, a more pressing question then ‘Who’s George the Third?‘ has become ‘Where’s George the Third?’

Right now, things don’t look promising. As early as December, an attempt at unmasking the blogger’s identity on Juicy Campus (“George the Third Official Outing Thread”) was met with yawns.

Dormant since mid-November, the Gossip Girl-y blogger hadn’t really been satisfying saucy since Halloween—but it remains to be seen whether the deep midwinter will prompt George to sneer again at the fashion snafus of other students for our amusement once again.

8 Comments on “Is time of death Nov. 18th for George the Third?

  1. My blushes–I do like it when His Highness blogs!

  2. Did HRH know that his IP address is the same as Will Sommer’s, by the way?

  3. Geo. the III is a joke. I first detected that when I saw that she set it up so the blog required approval from the blogger before someone could post a comment. Oh, THAT’s juicy – George talks trash, commenters get treated like pro-democracy reporters in Cuba (for non-SFSers: that means they’re censored).

    The truth is that GIII lost her balls when someone posted on juicycampus that they knew who GIII was (this is long before the “official outing thread”) and threatened to say who she was. The next day, G III removed all of the more interesting posts from the blog, took the names off of most of the pictures (including all of the more embarrassing/controversial pictures), and has only made one non-interesting, non-controversial post since then.

    Appears GIII loves to dish, but can’t take. Total lame-o.

  4. Maybe (s)he went abroad– anyone new on Copley’s upper floors? Who left? I smell some investigative reporting opportunities.

  5. Thanks GIII, had no idea she wiped out all the juiciest stuff the very next day. You’re right, that’s pretty poor form.

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