Burleith listserv accuses Georgetown students of pilfering papers

Yesterday on the Burleith listserv, “M Clark” let loose with a rant about how people had been stealing newspapers. He said his delivery-man told him that he had more than 20 calls about missing papers from Burleith alone and Clark describes seeing “a driver get out of his SUV stopped in the middle of the street, run to the edge of my neighbor’s yard, retrieve a (neighbor’s?) newspaper, run back to his car while apologizing to oncoming traffic for holding up traffic.”

Totally reasonable complaints. I’d be pissed too if someone was getting between me and my Marc Fisher. What isn’t reasonable? His first suggestion for how to fix the problem:

Is this an issue we could bring up with Georgetown University in event students are sharing and not returning our easily obtainable papers?

Never mind the fact that very, very few Georgetown students drive so, given the SUV-side swiping incident, it’s unlikely we’re responsible.  And never mind the fact that we actually get the Washington Post for free on campus so we’d have little incentive to steal it—how typical is it that a neighbor’s first reaction to a problem is to blame the students?

Luckily, Georgetown student Sarah Mimms was on the scene and offered this fine rebuttal:

“While I certainly believe that your papers (and many others) are being stolen and while I understand how upsetting that must be, you cannot honestly believe that the papers are being stolen by Georgetown University students. We are not hoodlums, or newshounds, or anything of the sort. And I am getting pretty tired of having nearly every issue in the neighborhood being blamed, essentially, on “those damned kids.” I will say, sir, that while in any group you have your bad eggs, Georgetown students are among the finest people I know in this city. What is more, we get the Post for free on campus.

“I will thank you to stop pointing the finger this way, especially when there is no proof. I do sincerely hope you are able to get this paper situation sorted out. I will be moving to S St. in June and very much look forward to reading my Sunday Post every Sunday.”

3 Comments on “Burleith listserv accuses Georgetown students of pilfering papers

  1. Wow! I’ve finally made the Voice blog! Thank you all for your comments.

    An update to the story: As of yet, though many other Burleith-ers have commented on the e-mail adding that they too are missing their papers, no one has made any mention of my e-mail nor of a possible GU student link. I’ll keep you posted.

    Sarah Mimms

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