GUSA meeting roundup: Noisome policies, SafeRides, and Pat’s projects

Editor’s note: below is the first edition of Vox Populi’s weekly GUSA roundups, a sass-meets-C-SPAN summary of Georgetown student government’s goings-on. In sum, we’ll go to GUSA meetings so you won’t have to. We think Tipp O’Neill would be proud.

The big issue at this week’s GUSA meeting was the Metropolitan Police Department’s new noise policy. Several strategies to combat the measure were suggested, including a town hall meeting, an editorial in The Hoya (for the record, the Voice’s has done its part) and banding together with members of the District of Columbia Metropolitan University Student Alliance (they of the erstwhile Student Metro Discount crusade).

Pat Salvo (SFS ’09—Off Campus) kicked off the meeting with an executive briefing, mentioning that the search committee for the new Dean of the College has narrowed down the candidates from twelve to five. The next step in the selection process is a round of meetings between the candidates and members of the administration.

It was a big night for President Pat Dowd’s (SFS ’09) pet projects, with GUSA announcing it had helped to secure $20,000 in funds for the Summer Fellows program (last year they used excess SAC funds to get the program off the ground) and will be promoting the “Take a Professor to Lunch” program. With the modification of the alcohol policy earlier this year, that means all of the Dowd-Kelly administration’s chief objectives have been met! Whether or not you agree about the utility of those objectives, you’ve got to give them credit for effectiveness…

Also, as part of an effort to improve Safe Rides, a survey will soon be distributed to students about the effectiveness of the program.

Finally, there will be a Ways and Means committee meeting this week focusing on election reform (hmm, wonder why?) and how to fill the empty Senate seat left by Joe Hill (COL ’10—Village A, CDE), who has resigned to take a position in some sort of Barack Obama student initiative.

5 Comments on “GUSA meeting roundup: Noisome policies, SafeRides, and Pat’s projects

  1. Ugh… Safe Rides is beyond awful.

    Call at 10:58? They’ll pick up, only to ask you to call back when they begin operations… in two minutes.

    So you call back. They say they’ll be at the front gates in 15 minutes. You wait half an hour and no one shows up.

    And then you just take a cab.

    Standing on a deserted corner for half an hour? Thanks for keeping us safe.

  2. He’s gone? I could’ve sworn I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, alive as you and me.

    Also, missed opportunity: “Pat Salvo kicked off the meeting” should instead read “Pat Salvo kicked off the meeting with a salvo of his own”.

  3. Does GUSA’s constitution have specific guidelines for filling a vacant seat? Special election? Roland Burris?

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