Myopenbar finally makes its way to Washington, D.C., but use it or lose it

Finally, one of the web’s finest deal-crawlers is setting up shop in D.C., which lists by days the open bars and events that are giving away free booze around a given city, announced that they were finally giving D.C. a slice of the pie. It even places the listings within their individual neighborhoods.

So as of this morning,‘s “special inauguration edition” is armed and fully operational. But only for now, warns Myopenbar ‘s Seva Granik:

The website and the email blast for Washington, D.C. will undergo a trial launch for the week of Inauguration starting with this coming Saturday and ending with Tuesday the 20th.

What this means to you: we’ll do this for one week only. If we get ample and favorable response along with interest from venues and bars to throw some actual open bars then we will seriously consider launching a permanent website.

D.C. has been high and dry since 2005, when Myopenbar launched in New York, and has seen Chicago, L.A., Miami, San Francisco, and even Honolulu get branches before it.

So if you don’t want to lose it, I’d suggest you hit it up this weekend. Right now there’s naught but a wine-tasting in Georgetown, but plenty of listings in Adams-Morgan and Dupont to be had.

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