A list of Georgetown professors and alumni in Obama’s new administration

the 44th President of the United States...Barack Obama

Charming them away from us

Now that the flurry of Obama nominations is subsiding, we can finally list the professors and alumni that are heading to the Hill after Jan. 20.  Feel free to note anyone who’s missing in comments.


Alex Aleinikoff, Law Center dean, will be chair of the Immigration working group

Tom Daschle, Public Policy Institute visiting professor, will be Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services chair of the Health Care policy working group. (Former Senator, Senate Majority Leader) Daschle withdrew as the nominee for Secretary of HHS as the results of tax woes.

Updated: Law Center’s Marty Lederman will be Obama’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General

Updated: Steve Kosiak, Security Studies Program professor, will be the Associate Director for Defense and International Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget

Updates: David Kris, adjunct Law professor, will head the Justice Department’s national security division

John Podesta, Law Center professor, will be co-chair of Obama’s Transition Team, but will not seek a post in his administration. (Former Clinton Chief of Staff, president of the Center for American Progress)

Dan Tarullo, Law Center professor, will serve on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, be chair of the Economic policy working group, and lead the auto industry transition bailout as Car Czar. (Former Clinton staffer)

SFS professor Anthony Lake lost out to Leon Panetta for CIA director


Mike Donilon, COL and LAW, will be the chief adviser to Joe Biden

Robert Gates, GRD `74, will remain from Bush’s cabinet as the Secretary of Defense. (Former Director of the CIA)

Maj. Gen. Scott Gration, GRD `88, will be the head of NASA

James L. Jones, SFS `66 and former Hoya basketball player, will be Obama’s National Security Adviser

Ron Klain, COL `83, will be Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff

Christopher Lu will be Obama’s Cabinet Secretary

Terrell McSweeny, LAW, will be Joe Biden’s domestic policy adviser

Daniel Pfeiffer, COL `98, deputy White House Communications Director

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6 Comments on “A list of Georgetown professors and alumni in Obama’s new administration

  1. Georgetown Law Professor Neal Katyal is the new Deputy Solicitor General

  2. Chris Lu is not Georgetown alum…

    undergrad Princeton
    jd Harvard

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  4. Tom Daschle has withdrawn his bid for Health and Human Services Secretary and Health czar

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