More “spotted”: Joe Biden goes to church in Georgetown

On Sunday Joe Biden went to church at St. Ignatius Loyola (the church across the street from Nevils—and where JFK attended Mass). Tens of students heard the rumor and lay in wait for the VP-elect, including one very solemn-sounding girl with a video camera:

Forgive our star-struck.

4 Comments on “More “spotted”: Joe Biden goes to church in Georgetown

  1. so did I, but i took the videographer’s word for it–they share an address on google maps, but I’m not sure what the story is on that. Maybe that’s the formal name for the chapel?

  2. The parish is Holy Trinity, the chapel that is located there on N Street is called the Ignatius Chapel. Since Sunday masses are in the Church (not the Chapel), it would be better to say Biden attend mass at Holy Trnity.

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