Myopenbar shuts down its short-lived DC site

Turns out‘s DC branch only stayed in town as long as your long-lost-friends who came in for Inauguration. Last week, the metropolitan drinking guide announced that it was opening a DC site, at long last. They also warned that the site needed to see ample participation and traffic from the District, or it would close up shop.

Turns out the bars didn’t keep up their end. Admin Seva Granik wrote in an email,

“We saw decent traffic, for sure, but not enough interest from venues and bars to keep it going. So we’ll roll it up, or at least until open bars pick up down there.”

Having given District bars and residents only five days to take notice of—five days during which bars were swamped or preparing to be swamped by revelers—I think hit the road too soon. I still smell market potential.

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