Jake Tuber gets on ESPNU and sort of talks about basketball

To promote “Campus Connection,” an ESPNU program that you might have seen with the sound off on one of the Yates TVs, ESPN technicians handed over microphones to several students during live game broadcasts last week.

One of those games was the Georgetown-WVU game, and one of those students was Jake Tuber (COL `09), who expressed enough excitement about the chance to practice live broadcasting that the Chronicle of Higher Education joined ESPNU in making him a star.

Maybe it’s the philosophy student in him, and maybe it’s just what the network ordered, but in any event, he opted not to prattle on about student excitement. Instead, Tuber gave the tube a linguistics lesson:

5 Comments on “Jake Tuber gets on ESPNU and sort of talks about basketball

  1. Sorry the broadcast wasn’t focused on the game! ESPNU wanted a piece about the origin of “Hoya Saxa”, and the rest was done live and unrehearsed. I hope I didn’t ruin the viewers experience too much!

  2. You know we actually don’t say “We Are Hoya Saxa”, right? That is a meaningless phrase. Strange you didn’t realize it was nonsense, considering you had just explained what the term actually means. What an embarrassing gaffe!!!!!

    Yikes!! Hope this doesn’t hurt your career prospects too much…..

  3. “We are Hoya Saxa” would mean “We are what rocks”, so it actually does make sense. Though in fairness, I have never heard us say it. But we should!!!

  4. “We are what rocks” makes sense? Still don’t quite understand how. He really flubbed that one, for a self-proclaimed Basketball fan. Geeze.

    Should find a career outside of sportscasting *and* linguistics.

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