Georgetown Grad Pat Quinn becomes Illinois’ Governor

Eager beaver

Last night, the Illinois State Senate closed their impeachment proceedings against Governor Rod Blagojevich by giving him the boot. As mandated by Illinois’ constitution, Georgetown Graduate Lt. Governor Pat Quinn (SFS `71) immediately succeeded him and became Illinois’ 41st governor last night. (Full disclosure: In high school I was a student of the Governor’s brother, John Quinn, and once briefly met Pat Quinn).

What makes him ready? Well for one, we got a shoutout:

“Quinn believes his educational and professional background, including an economics degree from Georgetown University and experience as state treasurer and lieutenant governor, makes him well-suited for the challenges ahead.”

Quinn and Blagojevich may both hail from Illinois’ Democratic Party, but the two are as far apart ideologically as they can be. Pat Quinn is from the Reform wing of Illinois’ party, a Populist bunch, and has often made noise about the state’s clout-and-crony culture. He’s not afraid of flair, either, reports the Chicago Tribune:

“In Quinn … the state has a man at the helm who has been preaching reform, often to his detriment, for decades. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas—that’s not going to be a problem with Quinn. He is well-known for real wins like the creation of the Citizens Utility Board and for stunts like urging taxpayers to mail tea bags to the Capitol to protest legislative pay raises.”

Photo taken from the Office of the Lt. Governor’s Flickr account using a Creative Commons license.

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