Our imaginary GPB Spring Concert wishlist

What, no repeat performance?

Apparently sick of hearing people complain about the bands it chooses for its kinda-sorta biannual concert, this semester, the Georgetown Program Board wants YOU to decide who Georgetown will be hosting for the Spring Kickoff concert. (What are we kicking off? Spring?)

GPB sent a mass email this morning with a link to a voting site listing 13 artists and asked students to rank the bands 1-14 (no, that’s not my typo). If you vote, treat this like the mock-election of your middle school years when you voted for the president: GPB hasn’t seen a lot of success bringing comparable bands to campus in recent years (re: Fountains of Wayne).

Here’s who we’d like to see win this fantasy election:

Lupe Fiasco: After 2007’s The Cool, Lupe is the clear number one choice on the survey. And given that he spent the majority of last year on tour with Kanye, there is no way that some of that theatricality and general ridiculousness didn’t rub off.

Ben Folds: A good performer with a solid catalogue to back him up, and who can say no to the man who put William Shatner in a recording studio?And remember when you found out that “Brick” was about getting an abortion? Now you can relive that loss of innocence by helping bring Ben to campus.

Guster: While they definitely don’t have the most artistic merit on the list, there is something to be said for well-made pop songs, which this Bostonian band does so well. Plus they use bongos.

Jack’s Mannequin: This isn’t the first time Georgetown has shown the band some love: all-male a capella group The Capitol G’s do a bang-up rendition of “Bruised,” and a former Hoya music columnist once lavished accolades on the group’s album Everything in Transit. But much more importantly, JM is fronted by once-upon-a-time Something Corporate lead singer Andrew McMahon. If they win — and despite my best efforts to get the vote out, it’s admittedly a long shot — expect a couple of drunk kids shouting for him to play “If You C Jordan.”

T-Pain: Pain got some love from the Voice last spring, and after the Coolio fiasco, GPB could certainly impress by hosting a successful rap show. But I won’t hold my breath.

Photo from Flickr user Jtgonzal used under a Creative Commons license.

15 Comments on “Our imaginary GPB Spring Concert wishlist

  1. The Cool was pretty weak. But more seriously, how can GPB possibly do this? The excuse we always get when we don’t have a concert or have a bad one is that it’s hard to line up a rain site (Leo’s or McDonough gym) with even one decent artist’s schedule. Now we can choose from 13?

    Either GPB is playing students, or all the past GPBs have just been terrible. I lean towards the latter.

  2. yeah, the Cool was a disappointment. Food and Liquor is still sweet, though, and Lupe’s one of the best MCs going. Anna, you forgot the Roots…

  3. I disagree about The Cool! Definitely not Food & Liquor, but its still on point, although Lupe isn’t that great live, though I’ve never seen him with a live band.

    The Roots are the best group I’ve ever seen live! there is nothing like a Roots show, nothing!

  4. you guys obviously haven’t heard the abominable last Roots album. Go Lupe!

  5. I think the Roots stand a pretty good chance, even if I haven’t been impressed by their stuff that I’ve heard (besides their 2Girls1Cup reaction video).

  6. Will. Unnecessary to bring that up.

    Clearly I’m the only person man enough to admit that Jason Mraz would be pretty sick.

  7. Or young enough, APon — Clare and I rocked Mraz’s McDonough show back in our freshman fall, but is GPB really thinking of bringing him back for an encore?

  8. While I disagree with the opinion that The Cool was disappointing, having recently seen Lupe at the University of Maryland… I’d rather not see him again. His band sounded excellent, but Lupe himself was just plain narcissistic. He introed every other song with “and here’s another one of my grammy nominated classics!” and literally took 20 minutes for the dude to stop fucking around on stage and begin what the entire crowd thought would (finally) be his closer, “Daydreamin'” (it wasn’t). Believe me, dude is a great performer when he’s actually performing, but his stage banter and ego literally drove me and about a third of the crowd to bow out early.

    That said, we don’t have many better options. The Roots would plainly be the best choice, with Lupe and Third Eye Blind (Georgetown students love nostalgia) being good alternatives. T-Pain would just be annoying, and from there I think we see the quality of the show take a dive.

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  10. How is this voting accurate at all to what the campus wants. The majority of the senior class had no idea this vote was going. IN conclusion…Bring Lupe, we had Jason Mraz freshman year…its time for change. Jason Mraz, Fountains of WAyne??? seriously…Coolio??? Need something upbeat this spring

  11. saw that mraz is on a world tour during the spring…damnit….how bout roots + lupe? that would be choice

  12. The majority of the senior class didn’t know that the vote was going on? How did that happen?
    And yeah, let’s keep our fingers crossed that GPB won’t clinch Mraz and move on to Lupe– who got more first place votes, actually, but not as many votes for runner-up or second runner-up, which knocked him downwards in GPB’s point system.

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