Georgetown UIS: Yes, we have no Windows 7 beta support

InformationWeek lit up the web this weekend with the news that Georgetown University is banning the use of Windows 7 beta, the trial version of Windows’s new operating system that will be available until February 10.

While UIS states that it won’t provide support for computers with Windows 7 beta, it’s not exactly banning it. Hence this section in its press release:

“UIS strongly discourages downloading and installing the Windows 7 beta release on university-owned and supported computers.”

UIS cites concerns that many programs, such as anti-virus and security programs, fail to work with beta systems. I’m no techie, but indications are Windows 7, Microsoft’s response to Linux’ and Macs’ increasing market edge, has been a big deal to PC users. According to Techweb:

“Windows 7 Beta is so popular that Microsoft was recently forced to remove limits on the number of copies available for download.”

Thank goodness, because now that Georgetown says I can’t have it, I have to have it!

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