No new Catholic University norovirus cases since Weds., 36 ill in total

We last left our friends at Catholic by the toilet, but according to the Washington Post, the last reported case of norovirus was Wednesday. The D.C. Health Department has confirmed that norovirus is indeed the culprit.

Yesterday, The Tower recalled the norovirus outbreak that hit CUA in 2006:

“An investigation by the DOH followed the outbreak in 2006. They found several food-related violations, including the presence of fruit flies and unclean equipment. The University has since done a campus-wide cleaning and installed hand sanitizers in the Pryzbyla Center.”

That’s more than they ever found at Georgetown. As for the hand sanitizers in the Pryzbyla Center, there’s no indication of what type of sanitizer they’re filled with, but as we all learned over Christmas break, what Georgetown gave out didn’t do squat.

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