Dowdometer: Say Namaste to student initiative!


Buried in last week’s GUSA coverage was a bit about GUSA President Pat Dowd’s (SFS `09) latest, and perhaps last crusade: raising funds for a Hindi language program here at Georgetown.

Dowd and a fundraising team intend to solicit funds for the program from the tech community in Silicon Valley, he said. He estimated that it would take $80,000 to provide for one professor for one year of the program, but with $2 million, “we can endow a chair for the Hindi language program.”

Showing student initiative comparable on some levels to Brian Kesten’s (COL `10), when the University shuffled its feet over the Hindi program, (“It’s been really hard to get the departments to cooperate to share the cost,” Dowd said), Dowd decided to look beyond the University for the money to fund the program.

He’s assembled a fundraising team made up of him, the SFS’s Senior Development Director Tom Esch, and Securities Counsel for former General Electric Int’l Practice Group Chairman-turned-Georgetown Law professor Michael McAlevey Gadbaw.

As was the case with his December pledge to improve Safe Rides, Dowd is lavishing attention on a program near and dear to his heart. He was part of a group of students who took Hindi in 2007 and said, “I was on the track to to proficiency in the language when they discontinued it” in 2008.

But hey, as long as the things he pays attention to are good for the University, up goes the Dowd-o-Meter!

Update 1:00 a.m. 02/05: Dowd intends to continue to work on this project even after his term expires. $2 million will endow a chair because it will generate enough interest to pay for the program year-to-year for an indefinite period of time. Silicon Valley is prime for solicitations because it’s home to the “Tech Alliance,” a network of Georgetown Graduates.

9 Comments on “Dowdometer: Say Namaste to student initiative!

  1. You know, $2 million would secure a sustainable fund for the Summer Fellows program that could support housing for 50 scholars a year. Or 15-35 $3,500 grants for fellows (depending on the endowment yield, and reinvesting half of it to keep up with inflation in the long run).

  2. Sounds good to me. Hindi has something like 700 million speakers worldwide (second only to Chinese and even more than Spanish), and is rising as a business language esp. in South Asia in its own right.

    Plus, Georgetown grads could then understand all those cool Hindi songs in the Bollywood movies, and dance along with Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai. Let’s get the program going.

  3. Will Sommer! You tryin to start some stuff?! Talkin’ about my man Ben Shaw! Watch your back!

    Ben Shaw 4ever…and thats the gospel truth

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