GWU College Dems confuse crosses, penises


All class at GWU.

In George Washington University’s great tradition of drawing attention through effective use of symbols, some of its College Democrats took and defaced crosses used at an anti-abortion rally.

A conservative group had placed 1,100 white, wooden crosses on University property on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and some of them turned up vandalized scattered around a room shared by GW College Democrats and Republicans. The Washington Post reports:

“Student Republicans later found drawings and writing in black ink on some of the crosses. One depicted a stick figure of a crucified Jesus. Another, hung upside down, had a condom stretched over it. One had the name of a College Democrats leader.”

On the cross featuring the Jesus stick figure, the vandal had also inscribed the words “pwned” and “lol.”

College Democrats took responsibility for the incident and apologized without publicly revealing the name of the vandal. The GW University Police Department is dealing with the perpetrator, writes the GW Hatchet:

University Spokesperson Tracy Schario said the student responsible has been identified by the University and will face disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct. UPD is investigating the incident further.”


Photo by GW College Republicans.

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