Tsk, tsk: GPB Spring Concert’s voting results

This guy? Really?

I guess if we really wanted our way with the Spring concert, we should’ve used reverse psychology. The results of student voting for the Georgetown Programming Board’s Spring Concert, according to an email from GPB Concert Chair Danny Fortin, as as follows (if the artist is not followed by a comment, their availability is unknown to GPB):

  1. Jason Mraz. Seriously? Luckily, GPB noted that the pop machine is “prob. booked”
  2. Lupe Fiasco
  3. Third Eye Blind, noted as likely to be booked
  4. T Pain, who GPB says has an “offer coming in”
  5. OAR, “offer coming in”
  6. John Legend
  7. Ben Folds, available
  8. The Roots
  9. Guster
  10. Gym Class Heroes
  11. Jacks Mannequin
  12. Redman/Methodman
  13. Boys Like Girls

Fortin notes that GPB’s concert is “very much a work in progress.”  However, estimates provided for the cost of the top eight bands (except for Third Eye Blind, which doesn’t have a cost estimate) all fall within GPB’s $70,000 budget. As of yet, GPB does not have accurate estimates of each artist’s cost.

Look for more coverage in Voice News this Thursday. Reporting by Eric Pilch.

Photo taken from PhotoFM.com‘s Flickr account using a Creative Commons license.

4 Comments on “Tsk, tsk: GPB Spring Concert’s voting results

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