IRC to hold “Mea Culpa” forum for raunchy joke email

Restoring their august image

Apparently, the apology email that followed the IRC listserv antics¬†wasn’t enough for the Georgetown International Relations Club chair Jasdeep Singh’s (SFS `10) conscience. They’re holding a forum “open to the entire Georgetown community” tomorrow at 8:15 in ICC 104, according to a press release:

It will be an opportunity for those affected to voice their thoughts in a productive discussion, and for us to initiate the healing process. We respect that it will take time to regain the confidence of the Georgetown community, but the IRC is committed to this end.

Initiate the healing process, eh? From the gravity of their attitude, you’d think the IRC grievously damaged University property or had overseen the commiting of several hate crimes. Instead, one of their alumns sent a raunchy email to their listserv without most current members’ knowing.

In an interview, Singh said the forum was the IRC’s idea, not the University’s, and he’s not sure what to expect tomorrow night, and denied that the IRC is as bacchanalian as the email made them out to be.

“There have been complaints, but I can’t speak to the volume. … We’re hoping to entertain all feedback, and how we can address this incident to move forward,” he said. “There was never talk about having any sort of boys’ night.”

I guess hearing apologies rather than apologias isn’t really something to complain about, but I suspect the bulk of those “affected” by the email are already members of the IRC. What do you think?

Photo taken from Flickr user wit using a Creative Commons license.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated since it’s posting date in 2009.

3 Comments on “IRC to hold “Mea Culpa” forum for raunchy joke email

  1. I don’t understand why this post scoffs so openly at Jas’s desire to ensure that the women and men of the Georgetown community understand that the IRC does not, as an organization, endorse misogyny, sexism, and homophobia. The IRC’s actions do not reflect only on the IRC, as this post seems to imply; rather, as a SAC affiliated organization, what they do reflects on all of us. I think that Jas’s initiatives to create spaces where people can voice concerns and issues is a smart and considerate way to address an extremely offensive email that ideologically, if not physically, assaulted members of this university.

    Club and organization leaders should use his actions as a model.

  2. Jasdeep Singh is so, so good at damage control. I think he might be overreacting here, but I don’t know what his other option would have been–just ignoring it?

  3. I think it’s a big overreaction because it was an incident that was very clearly not his fault. I’m glad the forum is going to address the fact “that the IRC does not, as an organization, endorse misogyny, sexism, and homophobia.”

    But I sense that the IRC fears that people are going to assign blame and outrage to the actual organization, not the prank’s foolish perpetrators, and I really doubt that’s going to be the case. So good on them, but I’m not sure they need to feel this kind of guilt -approaching-immensity. That’s Dalton’s job.

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