Half of GWU’s Friday Jason Mraz tickets are unsold

Was it the fingernails?

GPB beware:  we know we asked for Jason Mraz (seriously?) out of the thirteen artists you said you’d to try to bring to Georgetown, but we college students are more capricious than we appear.

Even though the wait for tickets to GW’s Jason Mraz/Ben Folds concert sometimes reached two hours the day they went on sale, with the concert looming this Friday, almost half of the 4,000 tickets remain unsold.

To be fair, unlike GWU’s Program Board, you probably won’t sell tickets to see whoever you book at a steep $33.  All the same, we’ve heard such good things about that nice rapper from Chicago.

Photo taken from PhotoFM.com’s Flickr account using a Creative Commons license.

7 Comments on “Half of GWU’s Friday Jason Mraz tickets are unsold

  1. How can I get tickets? Would LOVE to see Mraz this Friday night!!

  2. Jason Mraz for free at Georgetown: pretty cool.
    Jason Mraz for $33 anywhere: waste of money.

  3. There’s usually a nominal fee for GPB concerts, right? GWU has Ben Folds, too, and probably better acoustics than McDonough, hands down.

  4. well there are plenty of students selling tickets on Craigslist – they went for $33 and some of them are trying to get as much as $70 a piece – I heard it was sold out. He is an awesome performer – so what’s wrong with his fingernails? I’m not going to this concert to look at his manicure!

  5. Tickets are available for $33 in cash at the Marvin Center Ticketmaster box office, ground floor @ 800 21st st NW, until tomorrow at the concert.

    I’m not sure how many are left.

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