The 2009 GUSA Presidential Candidate List

According to Election Commissioner Sophia Behnia (COL `09), the following six tickets are officially running for 2009-2010 GUSA President and Vice President (the first name listed is the Presidential candidate):

  • Josh Mogil and Lauren Klein. Mogil is the GUSA Senator for Village B 1-45.
  • Peter Dagher and Elias Ibrahim.
  • Cory Perkins and James O’Brien
  • Sean Hayes and Andrew Madorsky, who ran as a ticket last year
  • Calen Angert and Jason Kluge. Angert beat out Brian Kesten to represent Kennedy 2-5.
  • Jeff Lamb and Molly Breen

But the field of candidates may yet expand. In an email, Behnia wrote, “Two more tickets may be added – they missed the mandatory meeting yesterday, but we are going to try and have them make it up.”

Updated 02/10/09 at 10:35 pm: Our surprise tickets are Joe McGroarty and Dimitrios Kaoutsoukos and George Magruder and Brian Litwak.

“They will be making up the meeting with Erika Cohen-Derr, the Director of CSP, on Thursday afternoon,” Behnia wrote in an email.

4 Comments on “The 2009 GUSA Presidential Candidate List

  1. No Kesten, really? Also, I’m sad to see no Nick Troiano, but not surprised. Rising juniors hardly ever win (except Twister, and that was dubious). Still, I’ll keep dreaming of a Troiano-Kesten ticket.

  2. Well, the two mystery tickets are still up in the air. I have it on good authority that Brian Kesten isn’t running, however.

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