The world’s oldest profession spanks MPD’s Open Container Arrests

The top 5 causes of adult arrests in the Second District, September 13


The top 5 causes of adult arrests in the Second District, January 10


In December, we wondered whether Commander Mark Carter was harshing on students due to an upswing in Possesion of Open Container Arrests (top chart). The numbers didn’t look good for him—POCAs leapt just when he became Commander of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Second District.

Upon reanalyzing the top causes of arrest in 2008, MPD 2D’s updated statistics reveal that in 2008, 2D forces were far busier arresting prostitutes than handing out POCAs (bottom chart, found here). That situation reverses, however, when you consider the numbers for the months Carter was top cop.

Yes, sexual solicitation was the fifth most frequent circumstance for arrest in 2008, with arrests peaking at 40 in June, 54 in August, 35 in November, and 36 in December. They totaled 274. POCAs, meanwhile, peaked at 34, 36, 54, and 43 during May, June, July, and August respectively. They totaled 241.

During May through September, however, POCAs totaled 187 with prostitution-related arrests trailing at 136. (Carter was Commander for the full months of May-October, but POCA numbers are not available past September.)

So it all still looks very suspicious. Numbers say the priorities of new Commander Matthew Klein‘s forces lie with traffic, permit, and assault arrests. We wish we could link you to our sourcefor the September 13th chart, but it seems to have disappeared from MPD’s website. But what do you expect from a website that still lists their FOIA officer from five years ago?

Graphics from MPDC.

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