Washington media enamored of Georgetown’s Gatling gun

A return to basics

That spiffy new t-shirt shooter that’s replaced the armpower of cheerleaders at Georgetown basketball games? It’s a Gatling Gun, reports City Paper, and it’s mighty powerful. How powerful?

“The gadget can shoot a dozen shirts 12 stories high in a matter of seconds, machine-gun style. Each shirt launch comes with a big whoosh followed by a puff of vapor from one of the rotating barrels. …. “The first time we used [the Gatling Gun], the tape that was holding the shirts together was getting blown off, it’s so powerful,” laughs Marc Goldman, who has MC’d the timeout entertainment at Hoyas home games for several years.”

Yikes. Dave McKenna explains that in 2007 1997, its oompf probably prompted Secret Service members to ask entertainers not to shoot t-shirts on the side of the arena occupied by then-POTUS Bill Clinton. The Washington Post‘s Dan Steinberg is pretty impressed by this hefty hurler, too. “Man, this is cool,” he wrote.

Photo taken from Flickr user sanchom under a Creative Commons license.

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