Rumors hint Georgetown Day is rescheduled or cancelled

Give us, us Georgetown Day!

The Provost’s Office is trying to reschedule Georgetown Day.

I say “trying” because students have erupted over the past 24 hours in an online display of unmitigated fury. According to Bridget Geraghty (COL `09), the change would shift Georgetown Day from April 24th, the last Friday of classes, to April 2nd, a Thursday three weeks earlier.

But more than 2,000 students have already said they aren’t going to stand for it – or at least, that’s how many joined the Facebook group called “Damn the Man, Save Georgetown Day” that Geraghty created last night at 11 p.m.

The sources for this information are not rock solid. Geraghty says she heard the news from her friends who are higher-ups in clubs that help bring this day of moonbounces and beer to our fair lawns. Rumor has it that the problem is scheduling problems with GAAP weekends.

The Provost isn’t talking yet, but someone who claims to be a former employee of the admissions office offered a theory on HoyaTalk, the Georgetown-related online forum. Under the username Jack, he wrote at 9:42 a.m. today:

“GAAP must be done over 3 or, ideally, 4 weekends. As it happens, the calendar is not conducive to doing so this year- admissions decisions come out April 1, which does not leave enough time for people to plan to attend an open house on April 3. The following weekend is Easter. That leaves two weekends left in April to accomodate the bulk of the admitted students (EA admits can attend in late March). And Georgetown Day takes over both the spaces and volunteers needed to host an effective open house, so ultimately Georgetown Day needs to be moved to another day. I say all of this with full recognition that I would have flipped out if Block Party had been cancelled for a GAAP Open House when I was an undergrad.”

Unsubstantiated rumors have also been floated by word of mouth that we damaged the lawns last year, and that Georgetown Day* will be moved to McDonough.

What’s to be done? Some Facebook groupies are planning to celebrate on April 24th, with or without the University’s permission.

This evening, GUSA Senator Tim Swenson (COL `10) sent an email to his fellows Senators suggesting they pass a bill to “support efforts that are made by such event planning organizations [as GPB or Party with a Cause] through monetary or other means.” The Senate will vote on that bill, which touts itself as an “AN ACT TO grant funding and assistance to implement a Georgetown Day 2009,” on Thursday.

Things will get even more exciting tomorrow when we talk to the Provost for the final word. Look for it in the Thursday paper.

Photo taken from Flickr user Brisbane Blog Is Against Censorship under a Creative Commons license.

*Correction appended.

6 Comments on “Rumors hint Georgetown Day is rescheduled or cancelled

  1. I had to look it up. Apparently it was a contentious boozefest. A Hoya op-ed from 2000 reads:

    Dr. Gonzalez: the Block Party is not yours to control, so please leave it alone. It might seem like a great idea to have the Block Party in the parking lot formerly known as the baseball field, but it’s not. It is perfectly good where it is, on the block (ergo the name Block Party) of 37th Street between Prospect and N. Don’t mess with tradition. Don’t ruin one of the great things about Georgetown.

    In 2003, another op-eder wrote:

    Every year, GUSA candidates try to reinstate the Block Party, which would basically be another way for kids to get trashed, while endorsed by the university, under the guise of a fundraiser. The major selling point of a lot of clubs on campus is that they throw sweet parties with free booze.

  2. “Unsubstantiated rumors have also been floated by word of mouth that we damaged the lawns last year, and that Georgetown will be moved to McDonough.”

    That’s a great typo. Georgetown will be hidden away in McDonough so the GAAP weekend kids and their parents can’t see it. So true.

  3. Please, anyone who doesn’t know about Block Party has clearly not been reading their allotment of Hoya Talk. It’s worshiped there.

    Glad to see these rumors aren’t exactly true. I joined the Facebook group anyway.

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