The GUSA election farce, a proud annual tradition

One can only hope

If there’s one thing that delights more during GUSA election season than the candidates‘ campaigns, it’s got to be the campaigns of students who aren’t running for GUSA—anywhere but Facebook, that is. Enter FarceWatch 2009.

With only 24 hours of the campaign having gone by, at least two delightful “campaigns” have sprung to life online. We’ve got the scoop on each below, and we’ll keep you posted as more throw their hats in the cyberring.

Michael McGillen is running for Jesus:

02.10.09, McGillen was spotted walking through Georgetown. This alleged stroll saved many of the local businesses from the recession.

The Junior anounced his candidacy “for GUSA-Mankind presidency” yesterday at Rhino. His platform looks pretty solid:

The American dream is increasingly out of reach for many Georgetown students. Here is a list of TENTATIVE plans:

1. Catch the Georgetown Cuddler. I do not negotiate with pseudo-terrorists.
2. Abolish GUSA.

Matthew America Hipple and Jonathan Feng, meanwhile, are more interested in policy than pizzazz:

Honestly, Feng and I are both seniors. Neither of us care about GUSA now and never have before. When we leave Georgetown and GUSA is an even more a leaderless husk of useless buereacracy than ever before… perhaps it will shrivel up and disappear. That will eliminate yet ANOTHER thing Georgetown pointlessly wastes our time and money on.

Naturally, we’ll conclude FarceWatch 2009 by holding an election of our own for GUSA President from among the candidates we highlight—taking them seriously whether they want us to or not. Hopefully, the winner will go on to become 2009’s top write in candidate. But it’s stiff competition.

If history is any indication, we’d massively bungle this election on our own. Maybe we’ll take these guys up on their suggestion:

This is an advocacy group calling for the deployment of international elections monitors to ensure that this year’s GUSA elections are at least marginally free and minimally fair.

Sounds good to me!

Photo taken from Flickr user Waterlord under a Creative Commons license.

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