The Man damned, Georgetown Day saved!

Looks like the power of the internet can, in fact, be used for good.  Witness the email soon to be sent out to undergraduates from the Provost:

Dear Fellow Hoyas,

I’m happy to announce that the Main Campus will celebrate Georgetown Day –the annual celebration of our campus community – on the last Friday of classes, April 24th . This event brings together students, faculty and staff to mark the end of another academic year, when the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, but before finals and graduation. I invite you to join us as we celebrate with food, festivities, and friends.  There will be opportunities to participate in planning that you’ll hear about directly from the Office of Student Affairs, so stay tuned. Questions or suggestions can be directed to .

Hoya Saxa,

James O’Donnell

No word on whether the event will be on the lawn or relegated to the gym yet, but we’ll try to find out.

5 Comments on “The Man damned, Georgetown Day saved!

  1. Guys, glad to see the news is out and sorry there was stress. We’re going to have a challenge making GU Day coexist with the GAAP weekend — the last vitally important weekend for encouraging newly admitted students and their families to choose Georgetown. It’s a great opportunity to put the best face on our community and celebrate what it means to say that we are Georgetown. We’ll be looking for a lot of volunteers to put in time and energy making the whole thing a great success — but I’m impressed by the enthusiasm shown here and I’m sure we can do this.

    Hoya saxa!
    Jim O’Donnell

  2. Thanks Mr. O’Donnell–if there’s one thing that we’re enthusiastic about, it’s putting on a heckuva show at Georgetown Day.
    I’m curious that the email doesn’t mention where Georgetown Day will be taking place, since there have been concerned rumors that it’s being moved to McDonough Gymnasium. Will it still be held on the lawn?

  3. Just curious, where did you get the text of this email before it was sent out?

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