GUSA survey: George “Brock” Magruder wants to be your man

Next week, the Voice and The Hoya will interview all the candidates running for GUSA President and Vice President and give their endorsement of one or two lucky pairs. But don’t take our word for it! Vox wants you to make a (more or less) informed decision when roughly a fourth of you decide to vote in this year’s GUSA election.

We’ve sent surveys to all eight presidential candidates and will post them as we receive them. Below, George Magruder explains why he and VP candidate Brian Litwak deserve to be elected as top execs.

What are three things you’d try to accomplish as GUSA execs?

  • Make the administrations more accountable for the decisions they make that affect all students and make them more responsive to student dissent and complaints.
  • A complete overhaul of the Alcohol and Disciplinary policies.  Briefly the alcohol policy is unsafe and counterproductive.  Class A violations (like noise violations) are keeping students from experiencing some of Georgetown’s best opportunities (like studying abroad).  Overall it either pushes students further and further off campus or encourages the consumption of hard alcohol.  We can have only 1 keg but an unlimited amount of hard alcohol? That is supposed to limit the alcohol consumption?
  • We oppose the massive amount of funds that are spent on events and programs that only a small minority of students attend.  We would like to see a reallocation of funds to support clubs and facilities that benefit the greatest number of students.  For example, the refurbishment of Yates.

What qualifies you to be GUSA’s next President and Vice President, keeping in mind that how you’d look as an odometer is fair game.

I feel like we are in touch with the average Georgetown student.  We want bus services to basketball games and a real Georgetown Day on a Saturday.  It’s not that we don’t care about what GUSA is currently doing but the fact of that matter is that the vast majority of students don’t care about the things that our student government is talking about.  Ultimately we want to make GUSA and the administration responsive to the average Georgetown student, the one who probably doesn’t read this blog or search online to see what GUSA is up to.  We will make GUSA’s actions public and try to encourage public discussion on policy.

If GUSA had unbridled control of all things Georgetown, what’s the first thing you would change?

The Alcohol and Disciplinary Policy.

How would you characterize Dowd’s time in office?

Honestly, I don’t know much about it.  Part of the problem with the way the GUSA works is that most students don’t hear about it.  The one think that we did like was the Georgetown Fellows Program (making summer housing available to unpaid interns) and we think it should be expanded.

How do you feel about the findings of the SCUnity report and GUSA’s reaction to their recommendations?

I’m glad that GUSA voted against the proposals to make “equal justice” classes core requirements.  I am in total agreement with the statement made by Matt Wagner (SFS `11) concerning the issue.  Furthermore I am not incredibly happy with the passed proposals.  What does diversity training for RAs mean? At this point in our lives and going to a school like Georgetown we are already very exposed to and aware of diversity and I think that most Georgetown students embrace that.  I don’t really understand what the point of diversity training is?  Institutionalized diversity is not real diversity.  The freshman diversity training was a joke, as was [sic] the sexual assault “skits” that were acted out for us.  They taught us nothing except that freshman orientation is something that is advisably skipped.  I personally cannot support the expansion of such programs.

Do you support SAC’s decision to write GUSA out of its constitution?

I’m not really sure.  To me it seems like making votes private and putting the control of SAC in the hands of a few people who are no longer accountable for their decisions seems like a bad idea.  The point of the organization is to respond to the needs of the Georgetown community.  If it were up to me we would all get a vote.  Whether or not GUSA needs to be actively involved in approving SAC chairs is one thing, but making what was previously a public forum a secret ballot is not an outcome I think would benefit the student body.

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  2. These guys don’t seem that knowledgeable. But “they taught us nothing except that freshman orientation is something that is advisably skipped” is hilarious.

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