Georgetown losing Ralph Lauren, bastion of prep

Prepsters despair: the Washington Business Journal reports that the “RRL” Ralph Lauren location at 1069 Wisconsin Avenue—which, who knew, “stocks their vintage-inspired line”—is closing on February 21.

I also learned too late that the store, which opened in 2007, is pronounced “double R-L.”

At least there’s still Rubgy next door to gaurd Georgetown’s hoity-toity reputation. And Lacoste. And Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Tommy Hilfiger.

And, as Jon points out in comments, the Ralph Lauren location up the street, which I should’ve specified is not closing.

3 Comments on “Georgetown losing Ralph Lauren, bastion of prep

  1. No – this isnt true. They are just closing the RRL store. I called and found out that the Georgetown Ralph Lauren store is staying open.

  2. You’re right, they’re not closing the store on the north side of M Street, just the 1069 location, which I guess I didn’t make clear enough

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