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Meanwhile, at the Washingtonian

In its February issue, the Washingtonian has an article that chronicles the party scenes of five area colleges. It can be trite (the writers have either long since graduated or are trying hard to indicate that they’re so over college) but I can’t say I knew much about the George Mason party scene before I read it.

However, the article incorrectly states that a fifth of all calls to GERMS are alcohol related. In reality, it’s only 7 percent. Give us a little credit!

Charms and out-of-touch touches in the article:

  • Necessary explanations of the curious drinking games we play: “He uses a beer bong for [‘pregaming,’ or warming up with drinks at home]; the funnel attached to a tube is great for drinking fast.”
  • The weird decision to view Howard University scene through the lens of a student who is identified outright as not your typical Howard student in a feature that implies it’s looking at the typical party scene at each college: the hyper-alcoholic Tiffany, who’s had a fake since she was 12, and friends, one of whom can chug a pitcher of margharitas in two minutes.
  • Delightfully transparent references to Towne: “You could walk in with a piece of cardboard that says ‘I am 21 years old,’ and they will give you alcohol”  and probably Rhino: “So she heads to a bar that’s popular with freshmen because it’s so easy to get into.”
  • Those crazy kids at UMD: “I blacked out a little bit, but I remember playing around with a fire extinguisher in the hallway.”

The GWU section also awkwardly transitions into a three-paragraph detour to discuss our old friend Juicy Campus:

Kids worry more about a new Web site called Juicy Campus. It has pages for schools across the country where students can post gossip. “C’mon. Give us the juice,” it says. “Posts are totally, 100% anonymous.” Topics are often things like who the biggest slut on campus is or which guys are secretly gay. Or they’ll target one person, using first and last names and asking others to weigh in.

On the GW page, someone wrote that a certain guy “is a loser. He hit on his straight friend. Twice. What a FAGGOT.” On the Georgetown page, one girl is labeled “the dirtiest slut around.” Someone else wrote about her: “definitely a huge whore. probably has STD’s, so stay away!”

Some student governments are considering blocking Juicy Campus, and students have started flooding the site with poems, off-topic questions, and messages about how Juicy Campus is cruel.

Hey, it’s all college culture, right?

Photo taken from Flickr user ThisIsIt2 under a Creative Commons license.

4 Comments on “Washingtonian follows the party around the District

  1. Not a bad article–seems pretty accurate for Georgetown. I’m guessing the first bar mentioned is Rhino, though, and the second one, popular with freshmen, is Chadwicks, though. Their Juicy Campus reference is also a bit outdated. (RIP 02/05/09)

  2. Well, the first one, where you can get booze for cardboard, is identified by the writer as a liquor store:”It’s usually easy to buy alcohol at a certain liquor store. Says Laura: ‘You could walk in with a piece of cardboard that says ‘I am 21 years old,’ and they will give you alcohol.'” As for the bar, Chadwicks is a good bet, too.

    And yeah, I think they more or less got Georgetown right, although I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a “girl goyle” (am I alone on that?) which sounds disgusting in both form and execution.

  3. How cute! If you have to explain drinking culture, your article is inevitably FAIL.

    I mean, honestly, who doesn’t know Beerpong? I’ve talked to some administrators who admit to playing it back in the day (my lips are sealed though!)

    The bars are definitely Rhinos and Chadwicks.

    And while I’ve never heard of it being called the “girl goyle,” I’ve certainly seen it performed (c.f. B-Frat parties).

    But yeah, agreed with Molly – sounds about right for Georgetown, especially the point about people going off-campus to bars with fake IDs in the wake of the stricter alcohol policies.

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