The Tunnel of Oppression coming to Georgetown

The Tunnel at University of Miami

This Thursday, ResLife will bring the “Tunnel of Oppression” to Georgetown for the first time. The program, which has been around for ten years, is meant to encourage students to confront issues or race, discrimination, homophobia, abuse, and gender by sending students down a hallway (if you don’t have a Tunnel—Georgetown’s will be in McCarthy) filled with graphic images or images meant to be thought-provoking and recordings of hateful speech.

ResLife’s description of the event doesn’t give away whether or not Georgetown’s will be particularly intense:

“This powerful program combines elements of live action scenarios, videos, picture, words and symbols to educate about the types of oppression in our society, and how campus communities members can combat it. We encourage campus community members to participate and experience the tunnel.”

When Santa Clara University hosted theirs, for example, here’s what they expected:

“Eerie whispers will express remorse in the darkness, sexist catcalls will bark loudly at passersby and startling images of sexual assault victims will stare students in the face as they make their way through a winding, in-your-face course of multi-media displays.”

So it’ll be interesting to see what we get. After all, the girl in the video above seems to be afraid of what she created. Another YouTube renditions of the Tunnel are disturbing—distractingly so?

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  1. Hello, I am the coordinator for the Tunnel of Oppression at the University of Montana. While I am in the beginning stages of planning this event I am already running into a lot of negativity, primarly around the reinactments of these issues and how they will effect people. Did you encounter any of this feedback and if so how did you address the issue? Is this an event you would do again, and what was the student reaction?
    Sorry for all the questions, I am just trying to gain some information for all the nay sayers and give my committee some footing.

  2. Hi Tina, if you contact Georgetown’s ResLife, I’m sure they’d be happy to talk about how they set up the event, how students received it, etc. Their main email is, but you might get a faster response if you talk to Bill Huff—he’s the director of the dorm where ResLife hosted the event. (

    The event was also co-sponsored by the Diversity Action Council, Center for Social Justice, Center for Multicultural Equity & Access (CMEA), the Women’s Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center, Campus Ministries, Office of International Programs, Health Education, and CAPS. I’m not sure which group had the biggest hand in it, but if you send out a few emails, somebody will point you in the right direction.

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