Weekend sees Georgetown robbery and pick-up truck bandits

Intimidation factor?

When shopping for cars, city drivers are generally advised to select compact vehicles with efficient gas mileage. Apparently this memo has not yet reached the criminal world. A recent spate of crimes in the Second District proves as much, with various reports from MPD indicating that a series of robberies which have occurred in the area over the past four days have featured the use of a black Ford F-150 as a get-away vehicle.

Early Saturday evening, Georgetown sent out a Public Safety Advisory to the University community at the request of MPD. The email was careful to point out that “the robberies were not committed on or around campus nor were the victims members of the campus community.”

Or were they?!

This morning a second PSA revealed that two female grad students had been attacked on O Street early Saturday morning, about 16 hours before the University sent their email assuring the Georgetown community that the crime wave had not yet reached the neighborhood. The incident was not only local, but violent:

“[The victims] were confronted by an unknown male. He grabbed the purse of the first victim, broke the strap, and knocked her to the ground. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to retrieve her purse.

The suspect then turned to the second victim and struck her across the face, took her purse, and ran toward 31st Street. He jumped into the bed of a Black Ford F-150 Pickup Truck and sped off in an unknown direction.”

Disturbing stuff to say the least, and a sad besmirching of the pickup truck’s good name.

No word on the whereabouts of Toby Keith at the time of the crime.

Photo from Flickr user PittCaleb under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “Weekend sees Georgetown robbery and pick-up truck bandits

  1. UPDATE: Public Safety Advisory from MPD: Robberies in Second District
    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    Over the past 3 days, the Second District experienced a series of street robberies in which victims were knocked to the ground and had purses or other property taken from them. I am happy to report that last night, we arrested 2 subjects that we strongly believe were responsible for the vast majority of those violent cases. The arrests were made after bringing in additional resources to the Georgetown and Dupont area in oder to provide support to 2D units as well as provide high visibility to prevent further crimes.

    These subjects were apprehended as a result of excellent work by patrol officers, members assigned to our office of communications, and MPD detectives.

    Matthew Klein
    Commander, 2D

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