BREAKING: GUSA elections suspended

Troiano and Dowd will star in “GUSA: The Musical,” premiering tonight at 9:30

According to GUSA Senator Nick Troiano, as of 6:30 p.m. today the questionable GUSA elections are officially suspended.  There will be a special emergency GUSA meeting tonight at 9:30 where they will fill the “constitutional council” (a board that is supposed to deal with this sort of thing but has not been appointed).

Pat Dowd will nominate candidates for the council who will (hopefully) be confirmed by the Senate.  They will then decide how to proceed – either to continue the election as-is or to hold a new one, possibly with the disqualified candidates on the ballot.

Editor’s update 5:56: Nick Troiano’s Twitter reveals timeline leading up to election suspension. The telling Tweets:

BREAKING: agreement reached to suspend the elections. (5:06)

Developing: the Election Commission (2/3) may end the election immediately if Senators, in straw poll, vote to decertify the election. (About two hours ago)

BREAKING: One election commissioner is said to have reversed his position on the disqualification issue. More to come. (about 3 hours ago)

9 Comments on “BREAKING: GUSA elections suspended

  1. Finally some progress! Good work by everyone who wrote letters to the EC and Senators. People power works.

    Thanks to the Senators and other leaders who took the lead on this.

    What is the timeline for action by the ConCoun?

  2. I love the statement the Election Commission posted on the voting page when they deactivated voting….it is so poorly written. Perhaps the reason Sophia didn’t understand the bylaws is because she’s illiterate.

    “As a student organization, students running for GUSA office certainly must abide by University policies and other laws.”

    Since when are students student organizations? Someone needs to teach this girl about misplaced modifiers…

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