BREAKING: Final two GUSA tickets are Angert and Lamb

An anonymous source has told Vox Populi that the top two candidates in the GUSA primary election are Jeff Lamb-Molly Breen and Calen Angert-Jason Kluger. No word on the vote breakdown yet.

The candidates will participate in a runoff election (and possibly a debate) next week.

Update 7:27 p.m.: according to openGUSA’s Twitter, Mogil-Klein, who tried to block the reenstatement of Lamb-Breen, Dagher-Ibrahim, Josh Mogil isn’t about to accept these election results laying down:

“Candidate Josh Mogil files complaint with the Election Commission citing voter troubles.”

11 Comments on “BREAKING: Final two GUSA tickets are Angert and Lamb

  1. vote Lamb-Breen in the final round! angert-kluger are sophomores who have been drinking the GUSA Kool-Aid way too much to be effective.

  2. At least Calen Angert didn’t try to kill a man this week at a meeting. Look forward to that kind of leadership with Lamb!

  3. Go Lamb and Breen! Big congrats to all who voted for them and worked to the win. Now it’s time for round two!

  4. Hey, I WANT a GUSA president who can kill people. Dealing with SAC? Just knock down their door and demand reform or death. Todd Olson giving us problems? Mortal Kombat death match over the alcohol policy.

    As a matter of fact, I think we’ve found our new Dowdometer if Lamb wins: Mortal Kombat. Just pop a pic of his head up there and boom goes the dynamite.

  5. Hoya,

    “At least Calen Angert didn’t try to kill a man this week at a meeting. ” What happened?

  6. Pish-posh, Will. If you were a true Mortal Kombat fan, you would know that Tsang Shung is capable of morphing into any character. Clearly, Tsang Shung has morphed into Goro and fatalitied Barak.

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