Storm’s a-comin': How you can make the most of a DC blizzard

Expect to see this picture on a lot of blogs

The AP has nail-biting predictions for tonight’s snowstorm, an Alert DC winter weather advisory is surely in the works, and political correspondent John Dickerson is stockpiling firewood. It’s gonna snow!

But if you’re feeling flinty and Chicago-tough, check out Michael Keller’s thoroughly researched guide to sledding in Georgetown. Keller’s got the deets on everything you need to know to sled, from equipment to location. He reccomends:

  • The Reiss-Henle hill for beginners, because it’s “as slow-going and gentle as a nervous boyfriend”
  • The Yates-football field hill, which looks scarier than it is
  • The New North-Village C hill, Georgetown’s own black-diamond slope, for the daring

Leo’s trays are no longer available for sledding adventures, due in part to the efforts of EcoAction, but the curbsides of West Georgetown are abundant with plastic garbage can lids—what’s a little quality of life sacrifice to the thrill of skidding to a halt at the foot of Village C West?

Update 10:59: We may have blogged too soon—it’s raining slush!

Update 3/2 6:52 a.m.: Oh me of little faith! Georgetown has liberal leave, and it’s a winter wonderland out there!

Photo taken from Flickr user kimberlyfaye using a Creative Commons license.

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