The full results of Friday’s GUSA primaries

OpenGUSA has the complete and certified results from Friday’s GUSA primaries, in which a total of 2,592 students voted. Angert-Kluger and Lamb-Breen were the top two tickets (with Angert-Kluger on top by almost 200 votes), and will go head-to-head in a runoff on Tuesday after tomorrow night’s candidate debate. Submit questions for the candidates here!

  1. Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) — 598 votes (23.07%)
  2. Jeff Lamb (MSB ’10) and Molly Breen (MSB ’11) — 476 votes (18.36%)
  3. Josh Mogil (SFS ’11) and Lauren Klein (MSB ’11) — 405 votes (15.63%).  This may explain why Mogil fought so hard to keep Lamb-Breen and Dagher-Ibrahim disqualified.
  4. Joe McGroarty (COL ’10) and Dimitrios Koutsoukos (SFS ’10) — 304 votes (11.73%)
  5. Peter Dagher (COL ’10) and Elias Ibrahim (SFS ’10) — 268 votes (10.34%)
  6. Cory Perkins (SFS ’10) and James O’Brien (MSB ’10) — 145 votes (5.59%)
  7. Brock Magruder (COL ’10) and Brian Litwak (MSB ’10) — 143 votes (5.52%)
  8. Sean Hayes (MSB ’10) and Andrew Madorsky (MSB ’10) — 117 votes (4.51%)

Students also cast 136 write-in votes, which made up 5.25% of the total votes cast.

So what’s the Hillary Clinton effect going to be? If your candidate isn’t in the top two, who are you voting for? Are you voting?

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  1. It’s worthy to note that this is one of GUSA’s highest turnouts, certainly in recent years. Only beat out by Morgenstern & DeMan’s election in 2003, and by only 164 votes. And the Accountability & Reform Amendment, which got ca. 3,500 votes (yay me!).

    This year: 2,592
    Dowd: 2,548
    Ben & Matt: 1,973
    Twister: 2,270
    Pravin: 2,271
    Kelly & Luis: 2,293
    Morgenstern and DeMan: 2,756

    Suffice it to say though, I think this puts a bit of egg on the face of the people who said that GUSA has lost its legitimacy or student support. Highest turnout in over half a decade speaks volumes.

  2. Hmmm—since an English major attempts mental calculation. They told me there’d be no math as blog editor!

    Stoller: Thanks for that, I was just about to troll through paper archives for that information. glancing at it, numbers look higher in the years where there was some sort of election snafu—Dowd and Kelly of the key form debacle, and Kelly and Luis, who if I’m not mistaken were initially disqualified from running. The EC should screw up more often!

  3. Bridges (2002): 2,766
    DuBose (2001): 2,270 (the first fully online election)
    Davis (2000): 1,850
    Palmese (1999): 2,092

    And beyond that I can’t find figures, but it seems that Bridges/Morgenstern are definitely the highest. 3rd highest turnout (and by only 172 votes) in at least 10 years and most probably longer is some feat.

  4. Anyone have any tips on who won the write in/joke candidate race.

    Im pulling for Jack the Bulldog cause he would definitely be tough on crime.

    [“Jack the Bulldog has expressed to me great interest in becoming DPS’s first canine unit,” (Van Slyke to The Hoya, Sep 04 2008)

  5. Hipple actually got like 70 votes apparently

  6. So Hipple didn’t even get a majority of write-in votes? But 2.7% of students voting / 1% of the total student body sounds like they struck a fatal blow to student opinon of GUSA!

  7. Why wasn’t IRV used? With only 23% and 18% of the vote, the Angert and Lamb tickets shouldn’t deserve to be the only two in a run-off. The more than 50% of the votes of the other 6 candidates could all have preferred some other ticket as their #2 choice. Now the are forced to vote either Angert or Lamb. IRV should have been the choice for a true, unbiased election.

  8. Agreed with you, Pabs. Interesting to note that Mogil actually spoke out against using IRV in this election (Nick Troiano introduced a bill that would’ve had used it in this election, but it was amended to be for the next election) – it could’ve helped him out if he had the support of the other tickets.

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