Circulator to Rosslyn may replace Georgetown Blue Bus

Next fall, you may be hopping the Circulator for $1 to escape the Georgetown bubble via Rosslyn, as opposed to one of the Blue Buses that currently rumble down the streets of Georgetown.

Why? Well, WTOP reports in vague terms that it has something to do with increased efficiency (Works for me).

The Circulator, which the D.C. Department of Transportation runs, already includes several routes around the city, but adding this one might be tought. According to WTOP:

There are some legal issues to tie up first—crossing the Key Bridge would add buses to what is an already congested Potomac Crossing. The D.C. Council would likely have to weigh in on the proposal before the expansion to Rosslyn could happen.

DDOT replaced the Blue Bus, officially the D.C. Metro Connection, thta runs between Georgetown and Rosslyn with the Circulator as part of a “pilot program” in 2007. Guess it didn’t stick.

2 Comments on “Circulator to Rosslyn may replace Georgetown Blue Bus

  1. The Circulator did in fact replace one of the Blue Bus routes. Originally the Circulator entered Georgetown by K St., turned up Wisconsin and went back via M St. When it took over the Blue Bus line it started going up to Social Safeway, as it still does today.

    The Rosslyn to Dupont line was always separate.

    (The bus used to actually be blue too.)

    The real question is how the funding is going to be arranged. The Georgetown BID pays for the Blue Bus, but I don’t think it pays for the Circulator’s trip through Georgetown.

  2. No, I’m pretty sure DDOT pays for the Circulator’s routes. What interests me most is that the DC Council might have to get involved!

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