BREAKING: Calen Angert and Jason Kluger win GUSA election

Congratulations, Angert and Kluger!

Calen Angert (MSB `11) and Jason Kluger (MSB `11) have won the GUSA presidential election, according to an email sent out by Election Commissioner Mirco Haag (SFS ’09). (Want to see what Angert and Kluger hope next year will look like? Read their campaign promises here.)

The ticket was one of two that ran in a runoff election on Tuesday after none of the eight tickets in the GUSA primary (results here) received enough votes to garner the win. Angert and Kluger beat out candidates Jeff Lamb (MSB `10) and Molly Breen (MSB `11). The primaries, in which Lamb and Breen received only 476 votes (18.3% of the votes) to Angert and Kluger’s 598  (23% of the vote), somewhat foreshadowed Angert-Kluger’s victory.

Lamb and Breen almost did not appear on the ballot, having been disqualified by the GUSA Election Commission the night before the primaries along with candidates Peter Dagher and Elias Ibrahim. Lamb-Breen, Dagher-Ibrahim, GUSA President Pat Dowd (SFS `09) and several GUSA members protested the controversial decision, which the GUSA Constitutional Commission ultimately reversed, putting Lamb-Breen back on the ballot.

In the end, Angert-Kluger triumphed with 1423 votes, 54.54% of the 2609 votes cast. The two MSB sophomores won by 237 votes, nearly doubling the lead they had in the primaries. GUSA will vote to certify the results on March 18, and the formal transfer of power from Pat Dowd (SFS ’09) to Angert is scheduled for March 19.

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