How’s your recycling, Georgetown?

St. Patrick isn’t the patron saint of recycling, but maybe he should be

You may not know it, but Georgetown is in the midst of Recyclemania, an annual competition in which over 200 colleges and universities compete for the best recycling rates—and Mother Nature’s heart.

In 2008, Georgetown had the 41st highest overall recycling rate and the 122nd highest per-capita recycling rate (up from 2007’s 155th place).

Our weekly recycling rates are better than last year’s. Here’s how we’re doing so far, in week 7 of Recyclemania 2009:

  • 45th out of 202 schools for overall recycling rate
  • 183rd out of 291 for per capita recycling
  • 20th out of 150 for “Waste Minimization”
  • 153rd out of 203 for paper
  • 73rd out of 202 for cardboard
  • 131st out of 209 for bottles and cans

Good but not great, right? Maybe. Since Georgetown competes as a whole school, and not a partial campus, the contest overseers rank Georgetown based on an “bloated” population, Jonathan Cohn explained to the Voice last year. (They count students and faculty at the Law Center as part of our recycling population despite working with different recycling contractors.)

Photo taken from Flickr user svacher under a Creative Commons license.

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