SmartBike DC is coming to Georgetown

I like to think of them as having dorkish charm

Yipee! By this summer, DDOT will expand SmartBike DC, the bike sharing service that launched earlier this year, to include Georgetown. WTOP reports:

The expansion will bring the total number of bikes on the city’s streets to around 500.

The goal is to get Smartbike running in all eight Wards of the District. The upcoming expansion will not touch all eight Wards, but there will be numerous neighborhoods that get the bikes, including Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, Anacostia and Georgetown …. DDOT has set aside about $3 million in stimulus money to fund the upcoming expansion.

$3 million? Startup costs eat up most of the money, especially if you want to start with a bigger system, like Arlington does. From Greater Greater Washington:

The biggest obstacle is startup cost. Systems cost very little to maintain, since subscription fees and ads cover most of the operating and replacement cost …. Arlington Commuter Services head Chris Hamilton says they’re hoping to find more money to start with a bigger system. A maximal system of 1,400 bikes of the fancier kind DC uses, he said, would cost at most $6 million for capital and operating costs for the first two years.

According to WTOP, the expansion should be complete by this summer,  will take the total number of racks from 10 to 50. Annual subscriptions cost $40 and they’ve got a cool map that tells you how many bikes are left at a given location, (but be careful, GGW notes that the markers go screwy at different zoom levels).

When the program launched in August, Vox’s Will Sommer decried the bikes’ ugliness. Me, I think they’re kind of cute.

Via DCist.

Photo taken from Flickr user afagen under a Creative Commons license.

6 Comments on “SmartBike DC is coming to Georgetown

  1. It’s supposed to go somewhere between M And K on Wisconsin, but it’s not clear yet exactly where.

    I argued for a station to go over by the University, but do you think students would actually use it? If you guys don’t want it, I’ll happily take one over here in the East Village (Rose Park maybe?)…

  2. This would be so awesome. Georgetown should sponsor one at the front gates, and a station at Rosslyn and/or DuPont. Save some GUTS money! I would ride.

  3. Cute is a nice euphemism, Molly, for the fact that Smartbikes are the goofiest-looking bikes ever. Seriously, how do you ride more than 5 mph on those things? or turn a corner, for that matter? I’m pretty sure that whoever designed the Smartbike hasn’t seen updated versions of the bicycle since the first two-wheelers came out in the early 1800s.

  4. Sorry, as much as I do my part, (i.e. recycling, big compost in the backyard, etc), I am a GUY and there is no way I’m going to ride one of those butt-ugly looking things. No way you are EVER going to get a gal’s attention while cruisin’ on one of those.

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