Georgetown’s “new” technology: MyAccess sucks access

The fellows at UIS examine a curious series of tubes

Let’s face it: Georgetown and technology don’t tend to get along (the Voice‘s printer printer is defunct and its office is computer graveyard, we’re never getting campus-wide WiFi, and just this morning, Vox reported that UIS is delayed in switching us to GMail).

So when The Hoya reported that Georgetown is replacing StudentAccess+ with a new system by Banner that’s currently used by a bunch of other Universities, I should’ve known that this would prove a major headache.

MyAccess is more like NoAccess. A veritable pop-up party, StudentAccess+ wasn’t without its flaws, but I would have been have been perfectly happy using it up through 2011. Let’s compare:


StudentAccess+ didn’t really have a search function, but that was okay. We had the Schedule of Classes (linked to this Spring’s) which allowed you to pick a department and see the meeting times, professor names and locations all on one handy page. (Accounting at 8:50 in Walsh? I don’t think so.)

Registering late? No problem. Click on “available seating” and you know what you can and can’t have.

MyAccess only gives you the crappy course catalog, which generally tells you nothing since many professors don’t post syllabi (or haven’t updated them since they started teaching). The Theatre and Performance Studies department (among others) isn’t even listed at all.

That’s not good, considering that UIS’ Michael Lapin raved to The Hoya about UIS’ searchability: “‘It’ll be a little less clunky …. Probably the biggest thing is that the students who have done demos with it say that the class search utility is better — when pre-registering, students said the search utility was easier to use.'”


StudentAccess+ wasn’t great when it actually came to inputting classes, but we just typed in the course numbers and magic happened. It was simple.

MyAccess requires that you search for a class (using a department selector that’s about six times too small), dig through a list of every professor in the University, and pick your campus. Admittedly, MyAccess has more powerful search functions: you can specify by start time, end time, meeting days, and credit hours.

Then MyAccess links back to the course catalog, whereas StudentAccess+ kept your search results compact. Want to find available seating? Click a separate link for each section. 13 sections of Gen Chem? No thanks.


Bring back StudentAccess+, Georgetown! Banner isn’t good just ’cause Yale uses them, too.

3 Comments on “Georgetown’s “new” technology: MyAccess sucks access

  1. As a former GW student, I can say while Banner does have its fall backs – and clunkiness. It is definitely quite powerful and there a lot that can be done with it.

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