Overheard at Georgetown


Below are the brightest things the Voice staff has heard around Georgetown lately. Got a good “overheard”? Submit it at the bottom of the post!

At Leo’s on Friday morning
Girl #1: Your iPod is so cute!
Girl #2: Thanks! It’s like one of my two or three favorite iPods

Wobbly girl coming from a party: “I don’t like parties. I’m … partyist!”

Girl with ash dripping from her cigarette: “I just burned my left breast!”

Girl to her friend at 33rd and M Street: “I just need to stop getting drunk and hitting big black men.”

A Thursday morning at Saxby’s:
Girl 1: “What are you doing this weekend?”
Girl 2: “I don’t know. What about you?”
Girl 1: “Jack’s having a party. You should go to it.”
Girl 2: “Ok!”
Girl 1: “He broke up with his girlfriend, like, two weeks ago and he’s finally over her, so he decided to throw a party and have sex with as many freshmen girls as he can.”

At a house party:
Girl 1: “So what’s your major, dahling?”
Girl 2: “Regional studies.”
Girl 1: “Oh, I’m international politics, security studies.  Regional studies, CULP, those aren’t even real majors.  It’s like being a pediatrician versus being a surgeon.”
Later in the night:
Boy: “I’m going to dance with [Girl 1].”
Girl 2: “Careful, I’m pretty sure she’s still got her douchewad stuck up her vagina.”

At the corner of Wisconsin and M:
Man: “So how was work today?”
Woman: “Terrible, we had performance reviews.”
Man: “How’d you do?”
Woman: “Ok, I guess, I got a $35,000 a year raise.”
Man: “Wow, that’s great!”
Woman: “Not really, that’s only 18%!”

Boy to officer who’s threatening to ticket him for fighting: “You don’t understand, officer! A Mexican stole a piece of my pizza and you have to go find him!”

Boy to his female friend: “I am going to Roofie you and leave you outside of Rhino.”

Graphic by Hunter Kaplan

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