Georgetown Day still owns the front lawn

Safe at last!

Back in February, a rumor that the University had rescheduled Georgetown Day for the first Thursday in April took the campus by storm and absolutely infuriated students. Three days after the rumor first picked up steam on Facebook, Provost James O’Donell sent out a campuswide email promising to reinstate Georgetown Day to its rightful place—the last Friday of classes, April 24th.

However, rumors have persisted that Georgetown Day events have been moved from the front lawn—to, say, the McDonough Gymnasium—in order to accommodate the GAAP weekend events that will be taking place simultaneously. In February, O’Donnell ominously told The Hoya:

“We may not be able to do everything we’ve done traditionally in the traditional ways in the traditional places—but change is good, they say, and we’ll find a way to have a great time.”

Never fear! University spokesperson confirmed this weekend in an email that it’ll be Georgetown-Day-as-usual come April 24th:

Georgetown Day activities will take place an Healy and Copley lawns as in the past.


Photo taken from Flickr user TreyDanger under a Creative Commons license.

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