Garnier Fructis promoters party on Harbin Patio


Does she rock her style or what?

Yesterday afternoon, students on five different dorm floors emerged from their rooms to find that somebody had placed baskets of Garnier Fructis products in front of every door and set up bountiful swag displays in their bathrooms. It caused a real stir. When news got around that there was free stuff in the New South boys’ bathroom, for example, stampeding ensued. (The life of a freshman is nasty, brutish, and short.)

Reports are that Harbin got gypped. Lucky for Harbinites, though, the Garnier Fructis crew is throwing a veritable block party on their patio as we speak. It’s part of their “Sing in the Shower” campaign. According to tour manager Dan Humphrey, GF will visit 12 campuses and one karaoke fiend will win $500 and a Garnier gift basket. You can win, he said, if you “rock your style,” which I guess meant they’re looking for stage personality, not vocal talent.

Freshmen ears will be ringing and the Harbin Patio will be up to 5x smoother, 5x stronger, and shinier for weeks.


Photos and reporting by Lexie Herman and aditional reporting by Alex Pon for the Voice.

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