News Roundup: GUTS buses, science for the SFS,

University may reroute Dupont GUTS shuttle: Eric Pilch follows up on the news from earlier this week.

Science requirement urged for SFS, MSB: How’s your cura personalis? Anna Bank reports that the SFS and MSB’s science-free days may be numbered due to faculty concerns that its students aren’t as well-rounded as they’d like. “‘There is a generation of folks who think that the letters SFS stand for Safe from Science,’ Provost James O’Donnell said. ‘That’s just embarrassing.'”

Georgetown sues D.C. over Street Law bills: Will Sommer reports, “Georgetown is suing the District of Columbia government for breach of contract, according to a complaint filed by the University with the D.C. Superior Court. The lawsuit, filed on January 30, seeks $75,000 from the District for costs related to the Street Law program, a class run by Georgetown Law students in D.C. public high schools.”

Anti-Semitic graffiti prompts student rally: Lillian Kaiser writes, “In response to 10 instances of anti-Semitic or anarchist graffiti reported to DPS in the last week, students decided to hold a rally in Red Square on Monday to speak out against what they deemed ‘acts of hate’ on campus.”

MyAccess: because nobody’s perfect: In SAXA POLITICA, John Lawless comes to the defense of the much-maligned Student Access + replacement.

Also in News: GUSA holds end of the year Senate elections and 2009 Admission statistics

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