This Week’s Issue: Protestorial tutorial


Sean Quigley debuts in Features with an in-depth look at a D.C. staple, the protester. Including an interview with the iconic anti-nuclear proliferation protester who has held a peace vigil in front of the White House since 1981, Quigley thoroughly explores D.C.’s unique demonstration culture.

“Most District protestors … are often content to know that though they sacrifice ‘normal’ lives for a message, their persistent efforts make their cause impossible to ignore. It’s not hope or optimism that appears to drive them-most seem bitter or angry after their appeals made through the established channels of power left them unsatisfied. Above all, most choose the public protester’s life out of a perceived necessity.”

In Voice, Voice Satff Members recall the April Fool’s Day pranks they’ve been party to.

In Editorials, the Ed Board decries the recent acts of campus vandalism. “The damage inflicted by the recent bout of vandalism has not been a problem because of expensive or time-consuming repairs. The harm has been more psychological than anything, making the University’s responsibility to prevent future vandalism all the more acute.”

In Leisure, Kate Mays shares recipes in CHEAP SHOTS, and just in time for the Easter Bunny!: “I loved candy before alcohol, but both currently rank high on my list of indulgences. So, in the spirit of immaturity as we get ready for the lighter days of spring, I offer a very unsophisticated way to use and abuse booze: alcoholic candy.”

In Sports, Tim Shine rounds up Georgetown Men’s Lacrosse defeat of Mount and previews the remainder of their season. “This week, fans witnessed that awe-inspiring Hoya team dominate against Mount St. Mary’s, defeating the Mount 12-4 after an impressive third quarter. The win brings the Hoyas to 4-5 overall.”

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