GUSA Special Election ballot not working for you?

You’re not alone if you can’t access the ballot the Election Commission sent out earlier this evening. GUSA Election Commissioner Mirco Haag (SFS `09) said he and the other members of your Friendly Neighborhood Election Commission are working on it.

So relax, complainants! After all, what’s a GUSA election without a little snafu? (I was like a kid in a candy store picking that link, I had so many options!)

Some have been able to access the key form to vote in the election that will determine who, out of 27 candidates, will fill the 10 GUSA Senate vacancies. While I sit tight waiting for them to resolve the glitch, I’m going to wonder at the fact that 27 students were willing to run for the GUSA Senate, with only 2 meetings left.

6 Comments on “GUSA Special Election ballot not working for you?

  1. Resume. Padding.

    Unless there’s another reason for running, I can’t blame them. If that’s something you’re after, this is a pretty easy way of getting it.

    As for the ballots, I don’t know what your problem is; I’ve been able to access each of the ballots, even though I’m not supposed to vote in any of them.

  2. Just for a point of clarification: The system records the netids of everyone who votes, and the ECs have a list of everyone broken down by district . So if you vote twice, or vote in a district you’re not supposed to, the Election Commissioners know.

  3. J. Stuef,

    That wouldn’t work since you need a password to log in under a NetID.

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