Upcoming forum about The Hoya April Fools’ Day issue

Read Vox‘s coverage of the Tuesday night forum here.

Correction: Tonight’s meeting in Reiss is still geared toward a discussion of recent acts of vandalism on campus. The students planning it merely expect for The Hoya’s April Fools’ Day issue to come up in conversation.

Tomorrow, The Hoya will host a forum in WGR 201-A at 9:30 p.m. Six of its board and staff members will speak there, and I’ll update when details come out in the broadcast email. Over the weekend, their board voted to discuss these proposals at the meeting:

  • Commissioning a report on culture of The Hoya, carried out by third-party group, that seeks to see how The Hoya represents the community in its coverage and to assess The Hoya’s working environment and provide suggestions for improvement
  • Strengthen journalism training for writers and editors
  • Hosting public forums each semester to solicit reader commentary on the campus issues that semester and evaluation of The Hoya’s coverage of those issues
  • Create stronger feedback mechanisms for The Hoya, including regularly engaging in dialogue with campus leaders
  • Having open office nights for interested participants to experience production night at The Hoya in order to better understand how stories progress
  • Recruit and retain more diverse staff

The document containing these proposals also reads: “The Hoya is committed to making changes necessary that will better allow us to fulfill our mission of being the Newspaper of Record for all of Georgetown. These suggestions are only a beginning that we hope to build on with further discussion with the community.”

Update: From The Hoya’s broadcast email:

Come to a community forum led by The Hoya
to discuss their recent publication of the April Fools Issue

On Tuesday night, April 7 from 9:30pm-11:00pm in White Gravenor 201A, The Hoya will be hosting an open public forum in response to issues regarding its recent April Fools’ Issue. We invite and encourage all members of the community to attend this event. Topics will range from examining the newspaper’s community dimension, its role in fostering and reporting on campus diversity, and ways in which it can better execute its mission. The Hoya’s leaders will provide an address at the beginning and then field questions.

5 Comments on “Upcoming forum about The Hoya April Fools’ Day issue

  1. I’m so sick of hearing about this. It happened; it was offensive to some people. Can we stop having a shitload of forums and discussions and statements when it’s only a tiny percentage of the community that even cares anymore? I feel like this is being blown way out of proportion just to attack The Hoya.

  2. who’s attacking the hoya? BSA and those other organizations? i think they have legitimate claims. and as for the voice, they’re just trying to cover campus news.

    and how can you say it’s a tiny percentage of the community when there are already 450 people in the facebook group? this needs to be addressed.

  3. Ah, what? Why didn’t we think of having open production nights? Not that anyone would come, but it’s nice to see new faces.

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