Three GUSA Senators also hold Angert staff positions

What the FUSA?

Update 11:11: Solis says he has spoken to Swenson, who confirmed that he will  resign from Angert’s staff today. According Swenson, he will probably return to Angert’s staff after the Funding Board passes the Senate’s budget, because the “conflict of interest will be over.”

11:44: Hyman has told me that for now, he is also resigning his exec position. He is unsure whether he will return once the Senate passes its budget.

What do GUSA Senators Tim Swenson (SFS `11), Sam Hyman (COL`12), and Mike Meaney (COL `12) have in common? In addition to being GUSA Senators, they’re all members of newly-elected GUSA President Calen Angert’s (MSB `11) executive staff.

While it’s not uncommon for a few Senators to jump ship after Presidential elections to secure staff positions, several Senate members agreed upon hearing this that having a foot in both camps is out of the question for Swenson, who is currently Angert’s Chief of Staff, Hyman, his Director of Campus Security, and Meaney, who is his Deputy Chief of Staff for student life.

Senators Matt Wagner (SFS `11) and Johnny Solis (SFS `11) proceeded to inform the three that they would have to choose between position or the other, and fast.

If they choose to leave the Senate, however, that will add three vacancies to the two still left after the Friendly Neighborhood Election Commission held a round of emergency elections to fill 8 of 10 Senate vacancies yesterday.

They hope to hear from them by the end of the day, but the time of this post, Solis said he had not heard from Swenson, Hyman, or Meaney. However, Solis said, Angert is aware of the situation and has agreed to let Swenson, Hyman, and Meaney know that they need to make a choice.

5 Comments on “Three GUSA Senators also hold Angert staff positions

  1. Nothing in the GUSA Constitution that says Senators can’t be in the Executive. Might be in the by-laws, though this can be amended.

    I guess the big question is – who /is/ the fusa? I think it would be even better to have some Senators in the Exec, that way they can help introduce and pass bills favorable to the President’s aims. GUSA is primarily an advocacy group. There are no Democrats or Republicans – just Georgetown students. It’s not like the Secretary for gets an additional salary (or any salary at all) or can command a bureaucracy.

    …So, come on, what’s the big deal?

  2. Well, I think the Senators who asked for their resignations from either their Senate seats or Exec positions are worried that from this, students will take away the impression that GUSA is comprised of/controlled by a select cabal.

    I’m also gathering from the two Senators’ stated reasons for resigning from their Exec positions that some may be worried about there being Executive influence over the Senate’s budget.

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